Our Cushion Flow Bean Ladders are made with durable heavy duty rubber belting, and reduce cracking, dust, noise, splitting, bruising – reducing dockage and to help prevent germination loss for seed.

We offer configurations allowing for 665 to 4800 BPH flow and specialize in building custom sizes and lengths (up to 40ft) of gentle bean handling equipment to meet your needs!

Besides reduced handling damages, our system is easy to install in existing bins, and can later be removed/moved to another bin if desired. This product can be custom built for you and shipped via UPS to anywhere in the US.

Lorrich recommends roof stiffeners and roof vents to be used in bins setup with bean ladders.

Cushion Flow model CF240 (24″) is rated at 2880 CWT/hr on Pinto Beans & 4800 bu/hr on Soybeans. The table below shows additional models.

We have been manufacturing our patented design since 2010 in our facility in North Dakota, USA.

Cushion Flow Bean Ladder Standard Models
Model Size Pinto Beans
(CWT / Hour)
Navy Beans
(CWT / Hour)
(Bushels / Hour)
CF 140 14" 400 --- 665
CF 160 16" 600 600 1000
CF 180 18" 1000 --- 1700
CF 200 20" 1680 1680 2800
CF 240 24" 2880 --- 4800


  • Rubber belting “cushions” the commodity moving through it immediately reducing your handling losses.
  • Reduces bruising, cracking, and splitting.
  • Improves quality of commodity when sold for specific processing or replanting operations.
  • Reduces dust and particulate suspension during handling.
  • Quiets the handling operation.
  • Prevents germination loss.
Cushion Flow Bean Ladder manufactured in North Dakota
Cushion Flow Bean Ladder manufactured in North Dakota
  • “Self-unloading” design allows for stationary or moveable operations.
  • Eliminate the need for ropes, pulleys, motors or other elaborate retraction mechanisms.
  • Strong enough to be left in the bin after product has filled around it without damage.
  • Roof stiffeners required for after market addition on existing bins.
  • Made with durable, heavy duty rubber belting which eliminates the need for replacement liners.
  • Saves you money and time.
  • Can be custom built using food grade materials.


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