Made by Lorrich Ind.

Made of 12 ga. material - can be coated for dual purpose grain/fertilizer bins. Has 9" x 14" air inlet we do have adaptors to 24" round & fan stands available for the Spartan

Rockets, and Fans

- Model GG 9000-18" dia. Removable tube type system.

The above system is designed to use a 18" round fan.

- Model GG 7000-6' 30" dia. Rocket air system.

The above rocket comes standard with a 9" x 14" air inlet. We do have adaptors to go from 9" x 14" to 18" or 24" round. We do try to stock fans when possible - 18" round x 3hp, and the 7 & 5hp squirrel cage type.

Fan stands are available for supporting/mounting aeration fans.


Aeration panel system - includes 18" round fan inlet & inlet cover 4' x 8' galvanized perforated air panel.

Lorrich does not manufacture the above aeration systems, we install them in our bins.

Some systems can be installed in existing hopper bins, call for details.

Gooseneck roof vents are available, these are 11.5" x 11.5" with bird screen.


Lorrich is proud to offer & build the CUSHION FLOW bean ladder systems.

  • Reduced handling damages, self unloading, easy to install in existing bins.
  • Can be removed, made with durable heavy duty rubber belting.
  • Reduces cracking, dust, noise,splitting,bruising, prevents germination loss.

The above bean ladders are manufactured by Lorrich Industries. The bean ladders are all rubber construction, chain hanging type of ladder. Roof stiffners are recommended. Lorrich also recommends roof vents, with bean ladders.

Cushion flow model CF240 (24") rated at 2880 cwt/hr on Pinto Beans & 4800 bu/hr on Soybeans.

  • Model CF200 (20"), CF180 (18"), CF160 (16") are also available.
  • Can be installed in existing bins, UPS'able, custom lengths available.


  • Granular fertilizer bins require a protective interior coating. This coating can wear off due to the abrasiveness of fertilizer. Yearly touch-up inside & outside of bin recommended.
  • Skid base system, for no concrete installation. (Lorrich recommends anchoring bin to ground in some way to prevent blowing over of bin when empty, skid bins can also sink into the ground, place bin on firm ground with proper drainage).
  • Bottom cone access/inspection ports -- 18" x 24"
  • Top cone, roof inspection ports -- 18" diameter
  • Pail fill chutes
  • Interior sidewall ladders
  • 5" x 5" bottom cone poke holes for fertilizer
  • 2 -- 2" round bottom cone poke holes for fertilizer
  • Sight windows -- plexi-glass style, round, with rubber gasket.
  • Crane eyes for crane unloading & lifting for set-up.
  • Top cage system, 7' dia x 42" tall with hand railing, just the hand railings
  • Exterior sidewall ladder cage system, connects to top cage hand rails.
  • Work or rest platforms.
  • Catwalk supports, & catwalks to connect bins in a row.
  • Roof vents.
  • Touch-up paint.
  • Pneumatic fill tubes & vent tubes.
  • Additional discharge height. Overhead drive thru structures available (up to 3000 bushels).
  • Stainless steel hopper bins, stainless steel gate assemblies are available.
  • Our rack-n-pinion gates are available for other existing bins.


  • We handle Westfield Utility Augers when they are available.
  • Westfield augers are available in 4", 8", or 10" diameters.
  • Auger boots are available.
  • Auger mounting hardware boxes (belts, auger pulley) available.
  • Auger mounting kits (auger rods, collar, eyes on bin) available.
  • Dayton single phase & three phase motors are available (3 to 10 hp).
  • Motor pulleys are available.


A legal load is no more than 8' wide x 13'6" tall x 75' long (bumper to bumper).
All freight is figured from our manufacturing shop located by Concrete, NDak.
Freight is charge by the mile, with a minimum for local deliveries.

All wide loads require a State permit to travel state highways.

Some states require escort vehicles based on width & height of the load.  All escorts are determined by the state providing the permit, not Lorrich.

Crane bins, when it is determined that we cannot unload a bin, with our hydraulic trailers, then a crane is required. We install crane eyes on our bins so there is a safe place to lift. All crane costs & arrangements are paid for and covered by the customer. They are not included in the per mile delivery rate.

Drivers, Lorrich drivers install one anchor bolt per leg when they set-up a bin on your yard, we use 5/8 x 6" anchor bolts. Unless weather doesn't permit it, our drivers are to touch-up any scratches due to set-up (the load securing chains or binder scratches). Lorrich drivers are NOT allowed to install augers or wire up any electric motor or fan. Lorrich drivers usually require assistance to lift & install all safety cages. If assistance is provided they can try to install the safety cages before the bin is unloaded.